Filter out major news outlets

It would be really great if I could search for a topic and not have the top hits be from CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC or any major websites. It’s like anyone with a Twitter blue check equivalent could be filtered out of my search. I think not only would it be convenient and be fair to small businesses, but it might drive more Google users to Brave. Just saying.

I’m aware you can refine your search with “-” and such, but it’s just not enough.

@am.wilkins0 As Emi mentioned, what you’re asking for is what Brave has created what they call Goggles as part of Brave Search. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you check out the links below and then you try experimenting with it.

You can access Goggles after you do a search on Brave Search, or you can just go to

When you go to do Goggles, it will show just a default sampling of 8. In order to find the others, you’ll need to try random key phrases in the Search public Goggles section.

So ones that might get you results you want would be below, perhaps. (I haven’t tested so can’t say for certain)