Current Session (requests) blocker/ender

Everybody (thanks to Windows acting like Malware/zero day exploits) is now familiar with B.S.O.D.

What many appear to be unaware of, is, that every time your computer crashes, and/or your browser crashes, it can leave open sessions/logged in sessions that now try to re-establish communications with your computer.
This is allot worse than some nuisance or ping, it can actually cause a type of stack overflow which not only eats up your memory with spam but takes up compute cycles and slows down your internet speeds (and worse if it crashes your drive again).

TRUST THAT this issue is NOT SOLVED by “changing your password” as the company server will continue to insist.

I have written major companies, like Gmail, Steam, Youtube but they seem out to lunch when adding the feature, “see other active sessions”, “end other active sessions”. But Twitter recently added it, and the results were kind of shocking.

please add a type of blocker that stops servers from running scripts, sending data, or requesting data from long ago sessions that ended abruptly for one reason or another, I’m assuming (hopefully) that this can be done with code resembling the “Do not track” feature. (but with more definitive results than a “request”)