Log blocking activity in console


Hi Brave team-

I’m a web developer who recently started using Brave. As a developer I spend a lot of time in the debugging tools, and just spent the better part of a day trying to debug an issue with a form submission which turned out to be failing due to Brave shields. I should have noticed the address bar shield flag and caught this earlier, but the dev tools don’t really make it clear when a shield is the cause of a failure (compared to e.g., the CORS/CORB notifications). The only thing that was a red flag in retrospect is that the request stalled out and never made it out of the browser, but it wasn’t clear why (network inspector said it was receiving a cached 200 response that didn’t make much sense).

If the development tools are open, it would be great any time a shield is hit to log this in the console just to make it abundantly clear that this is the cause of the error, and not a misunderstanding with how to correctly use a client-side development framework etc.

In order to reduce friction in adoption by the dev community it would be great if the tools really supported us - after all, (some of us) are trying to build Brave-compatible sites out there :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering!

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