Sessions being logged out - primarily for unRaid

Hi Brave friends,

I chased a problem with logged in sessions for a long time and eventually gave up and moved to Chrome for the problem sites - but now that I made an account here, figure I might see if anyone can assist. I’ve followed many threads both on here and reddit in the past months to no avail.

Seemed to become an issue a few months ago alongside UI change.

I frequently connect to a local device in my browser which happens to be an unRaid server. For longest time my session would always resume no matter if I closed/reopened brave, restarted computer etc. All of a sudden after whichever update, I would without fail be required to login again on browser or device restart. unRaid UI has no setting for login timeout, and I have no such issues in Chrome.

This issue also extended to some of the docker apps I used - which were still accessed via the same hostname but on different ports… not with requiring login, but with settings on the page like column layouts. I’m not sure if the underlying issue is the hostname that is connected to, or cookies per individual site.

As mentioned it’s a while since I chased this, so I can’t recount exact steps taken, but I played with clearing all caches, cookies, histories etc for concerned sites. Played with some ephemeral storage settings in the brave://flags/ . Also recall some setting about clearing logins when closing a site and making sure to disable it. None of it seemed to make a lick of difference and I’d reliably be logged out from my main unRaid GUI - the loss of page-specific settings would occur on more like a 2-weekly basis, so seems more likely to be some cookies that are expiring despite not being asked to.

Any clues what I haven’t played with yet that could help me manage my server from preferred browser without extra hassles?


@tyx, I’m just going to tag @Mattches and @steeven here so they can try to follow up later. That said, could you try to provide some of the information that was in the template you deleted when making your post? What’s missing is:

  • Which version of Brave are you using?

  • Which OS? (I know you have Windows selected, but which version of Windows? (7/8/9/10/11?)

Then I’m also going to ask:

  • Have you tried new profile?

  • Can you test with Brave Nightly and/or Brave Beta to see if the issue happens there as well?

Hopefully you can see this and try to get some of that done today or early tomorrow, so the info is here and ready for when support gets back and starts responding to issues.

Hi @Saoiray thanks for follow up.

Version 1.52.122 Chromium: 114.0.5735.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) - confirmed I still have the issue today where exiting Brave then re-opening will require login.
Win 10 Pro 22H2 build 19045.2965

Trying the other steps presently

No change in behaviour on new profile or nightly build. Closing browser = immediate logout from HTTP://tower

Harder to test the docker page settings being lost as that doesn’t occur immediately on browser close but seemingly after approx 2 weeks.

Many sites do retain my login between sessions without issue - made me think it may be an issue in the server config… but works flawlessly in Chrome and said config doesn’t actually exist to specify that session is logged out after X time or on connection close.

I certainly haven’t gone through and manually made changes to ensure every other site, facebook, twitters, youtube etc. retain my login between sessions - they just work - nor did I initially make any change to break my retained login to server. At this point I’ve stuffed around with settings for that specific site, cookies etc. so much that it wouldn’t surprise me if I broke something - but I guess the new instance of browser and profile should negate if that’s the case

Further: Having shields up or down for the site makes no difference in the nightly build, neither did disabling or enabling the settings for Enable Ephemeral Storage, Ephemeral Storage Keep Alive, Enable First Party Ephemeral Storage. I can’t seem to see what value corresponds with default in the brave flags, but I assume that’s enough to rule out those ephemeral settings as a factor.

Both the Chrome and Brave cookie for the site indicate expiry on session end… which makes it seem like Brave is working as intended and Chrome is wrongfully retaining the logged in session, but I don’t know much about cookies and may be drawing wrong conclusion.

Not sure what else to try at this point so will eagerly await your feedback =)

@Tyx thanks for that information. If indeed is like that for Chrome, then it might be an upstream issue. The other thing I’d suggest, if you haven’t, is to try to create a help topic over with Unraid as well just in case it’s something they are doing themselves as well.

Firefox and Opera also retain login as desired… as Brave use to - so I think that cookie expiry on session end is red herring in this.

I’m actually not clear on why this would be happening — I’m going to rope in @fanboynz to take a look at this.

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Thanks =) Happy to provide whatever other information may be required - just not sure what to proactively offer.

Had a thought that maybe it was due to my connection to local server being HTTP (where everything else I stay logged in on is HTTPS), so set GUI to use HTTPS, and still same results with losing session on browser close

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