Restore previous session?

Is there a way to restore the previous session, other than have that as the start up default?

Not something I need to do often, but it would come in handy once in a while.

Thank you.

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I assume you aren’t referring to restoring after a crash?

If you just mean saving your open tabs and then being able to reopen them at another arbitrary time, the Tabli extension handles this nicely.


Right. Not crash recovery. Also not really a needed feature (to me).

Slimjet has a “restore last session” option in the main menu. If you have cleared cookies etc on exit, it restores the pages though not the “session”.

I’m guessing the code for it exists somewhere in Chromium?

Not a big issue. Just switched to Brave (as system default) and like it better. Just going down the list so I can understand how everything works.


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