Still STILL Crashing - 3 weeks

For over 3 weeks now my computer has been crashing after a few hours. A total farce as several people make a suggestion - that doesn’t work. Then fails to reply. I couldn’t send them the crash reports they requested as Brave has disabled them. And now don’t bother to reply to my emails. So I remain screwed. My very expensive new computer is a pile of crap. So who do I talk too about getting some $. This is over 3 weeks. Ridiculous. Do me the courtesy of acknowledging the issue, then fixing it.

Turned off Sync (though never synced anything) and the following:

  1. Quit Brave (that is, right-click the icon and select Quit ) and try launching a new Private browsing window (also by right-clicking the icon then selecting New Private window ). Does the browser still crash? If so, try test 2. If not, let me know and we can continue troubleshooting.

  2. Try launching the browser with Hardware Acceleration disabled. You’ll have to do this outside of the browser (since the browser obviously doesn’t stay responsive long enough for you to reach it in settings) which can be done either via the system command line, or by slightly editing the shortcut path – I recommend editing the shortcut as it’s more straight forward and less room for errors.

Nothing worked. Now I am getting really hacked off as even if I switch Browser the comp still crashes with the message saving Brave.exe - Application Error - So I’m screwed

About time Brave sorted this out or should I just file an action and get a new computer?

Hi @Pondweed – sorry that you’ve had a rough time!

Which version of Brave are you on? I would try uninstalling entirely at this point, and then rebooting the program.

I know this is a longshot… Can you screencap the error for me and post it here? If I don’t respond immediately, I may be asleep but I think I might know what your problem is. I just need the exact error message, and from there we can get this unraveled for you @Pondweed.

Hi Asad

I am on …115, I uninstall reboot - but sadly problem persists

Hi I have attached the error message. Hope it helps>

Can you try downloading the Brave Beta build, run/install it and see if you get the same results? I’m wondering if this is a Windows issue or a Brave issue and this can help tell us which. Note that you won’t overwrite or delete any data stored from your previous Brave installation when you install the Beta.

Try this article on Microsoft’s website

It helped 150 other users with the same issue as well. If that doesn’t help try This YouTube video

Hope one of these helped. As this was an error message that happened to my VMware awhile back. The one that helped me was the video personally, and mine was a different errorcode too from the Video. Really hope this helps man.



I downloaded v1.3.118 earlier ( the link you gave took me to this I assume??) so I’ll let run overnight and see how it holds up.

Thanks for your continuing suport

I’ll check out the video - and many thanks for your support - appreciated

Problem now resolved! Transpires it was competing anti virus software - one decided it liked Brave, the other not. The second anti-virus got got downloaded when using some other software. So thanks to all at Brave for your efforts to resolve the problem. Much
appreciated and good luck with the project.