Addon Mega, crash with Brave


With the Brave browser, the MEGA addon, when I upload several files, at the end of the second or third, it crashes, I get a blank page with this message: Aw Snap !

I tried several solutions, none of them worked. How to fix the problem?

Thank you very much.

I don’t think this is a Brave issue. I’ve witnessed the same behavior or error if you prefer using Firefox, Chrome, Chromium and Vivaldi. I cannot say for certain but my theory is we’re experiencing “dirty data bits”. Although this type of network packet fragmentation is happening MUCH LESS today than 3+ decades ago, it STILL DOES happen. Sites like MEGA, Pirate Bay and whole list of other bit torrent sites are continuously monitored. Comcast Xfinity for example receives minute by minute reports regarding copyright infringement activity by their customers from a business called “MarkMonitor”. If I’m not mistaken they recently merged with, (or were bought out by) OpSec. I’m quite certain there’s many companies competing to obtain this type of business.
My point here is; with all of this “traffic monitoring” happening in real-time there’s bound to be loads of dirty or broken bits / fragmented network packets that create a ton of weird, unwanted behavior.
Having spent over four decades in IT, in my opinion the Brave browser is an absolute “Work of art”! I install & configure Brave on every computer serviced, repaired, new or custom built. I also recommend everyone have multiple browsers installed & kept up to date. What works in one today may not work exactly the same tomorrow. Pop open an alternative browser & give it a shot.
Your point is well taken & if you prefer Brave as I do,especially when running Windows 10, I suggest you checkout Debotnet by Mirinsoft. An Open Source project that will put you back in control of Win-Blows. We all know that MMI (Microsoft Malware, Inc.) is completely out of control and Windows users are no longer the customer but rather “The Product”!
Sorry for the rant & I hope this helps,

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