Creator help request re: proof of ownership

Hello I’m an artist and the person who designed my website passed away tragically. So one of the many resulting challenges has been anything involving the website. I just happened to realize right now that Brave has not verified my website as my own because “Your website,, was not verified because HTTPS is not enabled. Please enable HTTPS on your domain, or choose another verification method.”

I have no idea what this means, and Im hoping someone can advise me. There is another option to verify that involves uploading a file that seems equally as complicated.

Im not good at technology or computers, so if you can please help me trouble shoot this, keeping in mind Im a technologically incompetent and depressed artist, that would be very helpful

thank you for your help

@Evan123 or @steeven would either of you have any suggestions on what can be done?

Hi @shah

Thank you for submitting your issue. To confirm, have you gone through our support help center article on how to become a verified creator?

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