I really need help. I dont understand how can i became verified publisher? I sighn up in creator,reward and comunity, still broweser say i m not verified

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Can you tell me what site you’re attempting to verify? Does it show up as verified in the desktop browser but not the Android version?

Hi,i m useing anroid. When i went to contribute page its say my youtube is not verifyed but i do exactly same as tutorial said. I sign in all side and my uphold is also kyc verified. Still said that need to verify. Pls help me.thanx

How long has it been since you went through the verification process?

Last time I make all process in 6may. I also use brave in my tab but its not in same account,and not link with uphold account. I don’t know if I can use two place with same name.

Your Brave wallet is unidirectional and is not the same as your publishers account which is linked to Uphold. It appears that your site is already registered as verified.

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