Brave verified creator status showing " this creator has not configured payment

I have a verified android wallet on the latest version of Brave. I tipped a youtuber friend of mine, who has recently connected her uphold account and created a creator account. It was showing that she hasn’t configured her account to receive payments, when in actuality, she has.

I tried tipping from anothe android phone and it showed the same. But tips from the other Device went through and showed up in her account, while the tip from the verified wallet have not shown up.

Is this a bug? And will it be fixed in a future server side update.

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Keeping the thread alive

Same here - wordpress, youtube, github - all sites verified, but when I browse to them it shows “this creator hasn’t signed up…”

I verified them about 3 weeks ago - not sure what to do now.

I’m having the same issue. I’m not seeing any other steps for verification. For my site it first checks and says that my https is verified and on my site, then when I click verify it says my https isn’t configured for verficiation. It makes no sense and I’ve tried the alternate methods of verification on my site they all failed. Youtube and Twitter also won’t verify, but I don’t think there are any other steps I can take to figure that out.

I’m a little worried about this - I see other threads on this topic closing due to inactivity/not getting help =(