Brave Creators Verification WWW


I am trying to verify my site as the creator.

I did create a folder .well-known , I put inside a file brave-rewards-verification.txt .

When I try to open site site does not open it.

I am new in topis as website creator, I need help. When I put file like inside the browser open it with no problem.

Can you help, please?

@clifton Maybe you could help, please?

Thanks for reaching out to us. So at this time, there are two potential reasons I can see:

  1. I see that your Uphold account is not yet verified which may be the reason your site(s) are not appearing as verified either. Once your Uphold account is officially verified, you may see the verified status change for your sites.
  2. We are having a few issues on our end as well, but it is hard to confirm whether or not they are causing your particular issue. I’ll have more information on this soon and will reply back here when I know.


Also I have verified Gemini Wallet added to Brave Browser in other PC, due to reached maximal slot numbers on the other devices. I posted it HERE

I was trying to connect on Smartphone and Tablet without scucces and used all slots and can’t reconnect.

Take your time @Mattches , I appreciate any kind of help. :pray:

I see, I am also logged in with Gemini Wallet in the same browser (the same PC) with Verified Uphold account.

Thank you for the information.
I believe we have a fix on the Creators side landing soon that may resolve this issue. I will inform you when the fix is submitted.

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