Verification Issue Please Help

Hello, I need some help it says that I’m not a verified creator when I am a verified creator . I signed up to the brave rewards program and when I check my wallet it says I have none but when I check my browser wallet I have an amount please fix this.

@AlphaLord Where are you looking at when you see that? The reason I’m asking is if you’re looking at things like the little Brave triangle thing in the browser (to the right of your URL bar), then it’s not talking about you but is referencing the website you’re visiting. Verified Creator is a person who either owns the website or, at times (such as YouTube) may be a user of a website that is creating and sharing content. If they are Verified, it means they registered with Brave so they can receive BAT from tips and everything.

If you only have enrolled in Brave Rewards, then you wouldn’t be a (Verified) Creator. You’d just be a normal user of Brave and would be earning BAT based on that ads that appear in your notifications and New Tab pages.

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