Crappy search results - any tips?

When I’m searching something quite generic with Brave on desktop, I get half of the page bad quality search results. Is there something to be done about that? Turning the shields off didn’t make any difference here. Please see two screenshots attached, first one with Brave, the second with vanilla Chrome.

Hello, just to be sure: do you have any extensions installed?

It doesn’t happen here.

By Crappy what do you mean really? I dont have any issues…I use duckduckgo for my search …i hate google.

Just a few, the only extension I thought could affect this is “I don’t care about cookies” but disabling it doesn’t change anything.

Others are Bitwarden, Add to Trello and Vimeo Downloader.

In the first screenshot above, the first four results are totally irrelevant, spam and ads.

Did you try disabling one by one?

Tried now. Indeed, it seems to be the Vimeo Downloader Professional that’s causing it. I couldn’t find that exact extension from the Chrome Web Store any longer, so I don’t know exactly who has done it or if anyone else had similar problems with it.

Thanks for the tip!

Glad to hear that the problem is fixed. You can mark my answer as a solution (if u prefer, to be more organized)

Greetings, Markook

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