Country Mismatch error -

Hello - looking for support with Brave rewards. Unable to verify my Uphold wallet and getting country mismatch error even though both sides are US.

Using M2 macbook air

Is your id submitted at Uphold / Gemini from the US?
Also, you chose US in the select region prompt, right?
You can also check by going to ‘Brave://rewards-internals’
If your id is not from the US, and only residence.

My profile on Uphold is confirmed as US with US address and TIN. I’m not sure how to get the region prompt back on Brave. Checked on that link and Brave confirms as US.

Could you share a screenshot of internals page? Just blur the payment ID and stuff though.

In the highlighted part, you see it as US? sure?

If your Uphold account is vermied using documents from the US for KYC / AML, your residence is in US, the country you chose in rewards prompt is also US, then this problem shouldn’t be occurring. @Saoiray @rodrige any thing that I could be missing out?

You’re not from the United States it seems. I say that because TIN isn’t an American standard of speech. Would it be safe to assume you’ve ever used a passport or other form of identification from another country to verify your Uphold account? If so, that’s your issue.

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Used TIN because that’s the language used on Uphold ie. SSN/TIN. Sharing redacted Uphold profile showing US.

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Can confirm identity/US address etc. was verified by Uphold. What’s odd is this Brave issue has only come up yesterday. Last week everything worked fine and Brave Rewards was verified with Uphold.

@Saphrin May just need you to create a Rewards Support Ticket

One thing though is you didn’t answer question I asked you:

See, it doesn’t matter what you submit for your residence and all as you shared in screenshot. Your driver’s license/passport submitted to Uphold is what’s reported to Brave. So still just getting that last bit of confirmation if that was submitted with USA. I’m stressing this difference because have had people say “I verified USA” but then we find out “I submitted my India passport” or something.

Just for my understanding, if you need to have a passport and/or drivers license to send Brave Rewards to Uphold, when did this come into effect? This country mismatch issue started happening since I started using this new Macbook yesterday. Checked Uphold activity and I received BAT via verified wallet on January 7, 2023. Never had issues before.

Hi Saphrin. I’m not on Brave staff, just a user like you, but what they’re asking is did you use your US/passport ID when you originally verified your Uphold account? If the ID used to verify with uphold doesn’t match the region you selected on the Brave browser you will have this problem. This is a recent change on Brave side (in consultation with Uphold) to meet their AML/CFT obligations so that they can legally transfer your BAT to Uphold. Rather than asking you to also verify with Brave, the browser now runs a check to see if the location you selected matches the location on the ID provided to Uphold when you registered. So its essential that the country on the ID you used with Uphold, and the country you select on the browser match.

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