Copy-Paste buffer pointers incorrect - not using clipboard

Copying text from outside programs into Brave fails by using a prior clipboard buffer instead of the current clipboard buffer.

In Brave, a select on the URL Bar will correctly copy an URL into the clip buffer.

  1. Select text
  2. Control/C (mac Command/C)
  3. Transferring this using Command/V into Safari works fine. (Command/V)
  4. Next: returning to Brave:
    4.a Copy text from outside program, in this case, KeePassX
    –Command/B (KeePassX copy username function or use menu function)
    4.b Past text from outside program into Brave Displayed form field:
    –Command/V returns the former (url text) instead of current clipboard buffer

The only way to clear this is to close all brave windows and terminate brave.

The system copy/paste buffer is correctly functioning as tested as follows:
T1: copy as per above/paste into LibreOffice: copies current expected buffer
T2: copy as per above/paste into Notes: copies current expected buffer
T3: copy into Xcode or Pycharm editor text or Terminal/vi editor works as expected.

Return to Brave:
5. Command/V - bad (wrong prior buffer pasted).

Brave Version: Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

**OSX Version: macOSX High Sierra 10.13.3 MacBook Pro Late 2013 **
**KeepassX: 2.0 Using QT4/4.8.7 **

**Additional Information: Have Don’t F/Paste installed due to several bank sites blocking copy paste, but is inactive in most sessions, unless the bank programmers are not bright enough to understand that we can’t remember let alone type 50 randomized symbols into their password spaces. This did not appear to be a problem prior to the present release installation. We are very heavy users of this process. This process appears to work well on Safari 11.0.3, Firefox 60.5.2esr channel. Because we moved to Brave from Firefox, we have not kept Firefox current. But, we cannot live with a bug of this nature in Brave for long.

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