Copying text from website with Ctrl+C

Hi, I have a problem copying from text from the browser. For some reason everytime I copy some text on the page in the browser subsequently using Ctrl + C I get to paste the url of the page I am copying from. However, if I use right-click and Copy it works fine. If I close the browser and restart it it works ok for a while then again in doesn’t. I did reset the browser, got rid of all the cookies and it didn’t work. I am running Brave v1.49.128 (Mar 22, 2023) on MacBook


Does it happen with other apps, or only with Brave?

I found this article:

Have also a look in this one, it could be the same issue

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Thanks for letting me know. I thought I had malware, virus, keylogger. At least I know it’s Brave’s fault. This has been an absolute bummer for loads of people. Someone has raised it on their Github so hopefully they will release a fix.

Same frustrating problem here…

This has been driving me crazy. Seems to only be a Brave thing. Why isn’t Brave responding? Give us back our normal cmd+ C to Copy command NOW!

I’m still having the same issue even after upgrading to v1.50.119. This makes it incredibly frustrating to log into websites when your password manager doesn’t automatically log in.

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