Paste function not working from the keyboard


This one’s strange. Cmd-v (the ‘paste’ keystroke) has stopped working in Brave.

At first I thought it was a system-wide issue, possibly hardware-related, but I’ve now been finding that the keystroke works normally in Chrome.

Adding to the mystery, it also doesn’t work in TextEdit.

What could possibly be causing such an oddity?

(Paste does work from the Edit dropdown menu.)


Check out your settings, you may have disabled your shortcuts accidentally.


Can you let us know which version of Brave you are on? I know this was a problem in the past with our old architecture, but haven’t seen it crop up in the new architecture yet.

That said, in addition to the advice from @jackwatson7890, try restarting your computer too. Glitches like this are usually fixed that way, as silly as that sounds!


Thanks, which settings would disable shortcuts?
BTW, I’m not experiencing it with any other keys.
I’ve had to create a custom keystroke to paste copied text.


Thanks, I’m using Brave Dev on a Mac running OS 10.13.5 (“High Sierra”).

Computer has been restarted. Did not cure.

The ‘v’ key (i.e., as Cmd-v) continues to work normally in Chrome but not in Brave.

I’ve seen occasional stuttering of the ‘v’ key itself (i.e., when just typing text) but not much.

That also hasn’t occurred in Chrome, tho.


try restarting your computer too. Glitches like this are usually fixed that way,

Kind of odd that a restart didn’t fix the issue then, but so far the latest one (done today) seems to have.

UPDATE: Just stopped working again. That was quick.


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@mk7z This is very similar to . Copy via context menu and paste doesn’t seem to work for me either. But copy to clipboard via other applications makes it work


Thanks. At this point I’m assuming it’s a system issue rather than a Brave issue. I’d already been experiencing it in TextEdit (Mac OS) as well as Brave and now I’m seeing it happen intermittently in Chrome.

Strange that (as far as I’m aware) it’s just Cmd-v that’s not working… i.e., the ‘v’ key works and ‘Cmd’ works with all other combinations, including Cmd-c. But to ‘paste’ copied text I either have to use the custom kb shortcut I’ve created or the ‘Edit’ dropdown menu option. Pressing Cmd-v does nothing.


On macOS Mojave 10.14.2, cmd + vworks for me and always has. I notice that some text editing sites trip up on this every now and then but overall haven’t had this issue.


While we’re talking ‘odd’ (your word was ‘interesting’) I can’t get either the default or the custom keystrokes I created (for ‘Paste’ and ‘Paste & Match Style’) to work in the release version of Brave.

Those creations were system-based (i.e., done in the Mac OS), so the keyboard shortcuts should work in all programs, shouldn’t they?


Yes they should - again (unfortunately, kind of) I’m unable to reproduce this. Keyboard shortcuts on macOS work as intended for me in release channel installation. Do these shortcuts work in Chrome or other chromium-based browsers?


Do these shortcuts work in Chrome or other chromium-based browsers?

Chrome had been working normally, with the default ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ keystrokes functional.

Last time I ran it, ‘paste’ had stopped working & my custom kb shortcuts had no effect.

It must be an OS issue, tho, since it’s not limited to browsers. It happens in TextEdit, too.

So the long & short of it is: Only my custom kb shortcuts work in Brave Dev and TextEdit. The factory defaults don’t. In Brave Release none of the above work. I can only paste from the Edit dropdown menu.


Can you think of anything that would explain why my custom kb shortcuts (for ‘Paste’ and ‘Paste and Match Style’) work without a hitch in Dev but not at all in the standard release (I have to use the Edit dropdown menu)?