I cannot paste a copied link while using Brave browser on android phone

Description of the issue: I go to the url of the link, i hold it down until a copy option happens. I tap on copy, and then on a web page I cannot paste it. I think by copying it it does not appear since it doesn’t show in the clipboard.

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.35.103

**Mobile Device details : Samsung S8

I’m also having this exact issue on my phone. Brave isn’t copying the URL (every other app and browser is fine).
Using Brave version 1.36.112 on Android 11 OnePlus 7T.
I’ll probably use another mobile browser until this is fixed.

Are you still having this problem with the current version update?

A similar topic where this was happening in both Chrome and Brave. Does it also happen with Chrome? One recommendation was contacting Chrome support.

Honestly I could not find Chrome support. Some suggestions I found online were clear clipboard.
Whether its Chrome or Brave, same issue. I will be able to paste several times, then not (clear clipboard, no difference). Seems like the first pastes of the day work, then, Have to use the onscreen keyboard hit the 2 dot burger thing, select clipboard, select the copied text, then I clear the clipboard. But, next time same thing.

Is the same thing happening with Chrome? Can you try? Also, did you try clearing history, clipboard, etc. as mentioned in the linked topic above then close and restart Brave? That worked for the OP of that topic.

There are a couple of issue reports on this at Brave GitHub and they are in Backlog at Brave/Brave Browser/Android General projects. If this is happening in both Brave and Chrome, the next step would be to tag the moderators and ask them to check on status.

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