Cookie issue (no Multi-Account Containers?)

The original problem was solved, but I’m just going to retain the original request for

Multi-Account Containers!
Multi-Account Containers!
Multi-Account Containers!
Multi-Account Containers!

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@Ball care to explain more? For example, I can navigate to YouTube and login on Private window with no issues. I tested both on my iPhone and my Desktop. Then again, I’m also in the United States. Are you from EU or something where the government had stricter laws that places like YouTube have to follow?

It also might help if you explain:

  • What OS you’re using. (Such as Android 13, Windows 11, Linux Mint 21.2, etc)

  • Which version of Brave? (Actual version number, not just “the latest.”)

If on Desktop, you can create multiple profiles which does what you’re mentioning. Though I know some are saying they’d like it on just one user profile. But not sure if you’re using Desktop, a mobile device, or what?

Private mode doesn’t disable cookies. So if it’s saying something like you have cookies disabled, it sounds like you’ve changed something around and it’s something “extra” going on.

If you use Google services, you need to enable brave://flags/#brave-google-sign-in-permission which will enable this permission for Google brave://settings/content/googleSignIn
If not, you need to Allow use of third-party cookies for legacy Google Sign-In in brave://settings/shields.

Basically what the ‘legacy google sign in’ does is to add/allow https://[*.] and in brave://settings/cookies. That means, the cookies will be seen/read by any page.
But supposedly the new permission should work.

You don’t have to drop shields, that’s not smart, since you are allowing all Google scripts to track you even more, obviously the problems are cookies, so you can just deal with them in the brave://settings/cookies page if needed.

I mean, it seems like you are just messing with stuff you don’t understand, changing settings and not fixing the problem, but making it worst by disabling shields.

For example, Youtube, when you use Youtube, it will use for the account, which means Youtube will not access the 3p data since Brave ‘blocks’ 3rd party cookies, which Brave doesn’t block but 3p data gets isolated in a temporary storage, but in the end, they will not see since they different domains.
You could easily allow Youtube with the checkbox to include 3p data if the new Google permission doesn’t work.
But the management is pretty simple, especially knowing that Braves ‘blocks’/isolates 3p data, so only Youtube can access it unless it can read the google data.

I don’t use Google to show you it works, but mostly my point is that you don’t need to drop shields, especially if you are dealing with cookies, and especially if you are dealing with Google logins.

Also, what Containers have to do with anything? Containers is an overrated feature, that’s something Firefox fanboys use to say Firefox is better than Chromium, like if they all used 30 reddit accounts and 40 youtube accounts to need ‘containers’.
In fact, Chromium profiles, which are properly supported unlike Firefox profiles, are better than Containers because they are completely isolated from each other, of course, since Brave has a native adblocker, it doesn’t need any like reinstall an adblocker on every profile which makes it nicer to use Profiles with Brave.
But you can have many profiles with different accounts properly organized, and data is saved properly so you don’t need to re-login like when closing a ‘container’.

So it is easy to disagree about containers, I don’t even get why people need to have so many accounts to complain about lack of containers, are they upvoting their accounts or something? I know people are weird, but I mean, I guess egocentric people think they need 2000 accounts logged at the same time to exist.

I know some people use Containers as groups because Firefox lacks tab groups, but that’s another topic, especially since Brave/Chromium have tab groups for 90 years, so yeah. Overrated feature for sure, and not necessarily needed. Since Brave has Ephemeral Storage, Brave can switch between two accounts with a simple ‘trick’, sometimes I use it, but it’s just something ‘cool’ to have, but not something I can’t live without.

How do I delete a thread?

You can’t delete a thread once replies have been given. I can unlist it and lock it for you if you’d like. This would prevent people from seeing it on the normal area (so only can view if they have a direct link to the topic) and also stop anyone from being able to comment.

I mean, if you click the three dots on your original post you may be able to delete it, but that just would be an edit and people would still be able to see and reply. So unlisting and/or locking would be the best way to go, if you’d like that done.

That said, did you somehow figure out your issue? I want to help, just trying to communicate and get information to make sure we’re considering what might have caused your problem. (And if it did resolve, would be helpful if you can share what you found the problem had been)

I’m not a Firefox fanboy. I just want to have more than one cookie jar which I can open at once. Profiles do not help at all. AT ALL!

It’s fine if you don’t see a need, but don’t dismiss people who want that feature as fan boys. That’s ridiculous.

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, and if you are going to reply to me with nonsense, well, whatever.

What I mean is **If you need containers, use Firefox. **, for whatever reason which didn’t make sense to say in your post.

If you think complaining about lack of containers will bring containers, well, good luck… it’s not like you can’t use the search function and find there has been already proper Feature Request about it here, and Brave hasn’t implemented them

If you think posting in a random community forum about lack of containers, will make Google aware of lack of containers, which I am sure they know and don’t care about, well, good luck, as well.

I mean, Chromium is the one who has to develop such feature for Brave to get it… most likely and guess what? Chromium nor Brave is adding Containers today or in the near future and maybe ever.

You couldn’t even explain why you ‘need containers’ besides complaining at me and like if I was the reason Chromium team is not developing them.

But the truth is Chromium Profiles are enough, or tell me, how are Containers better than Profiles, besides the fact that I pointed out, which is that they can be used in the same window?
After that, Containers are not good or necessary if Chromium has proper Profiles support or Tab groups unlike Firefox.
I mean, I am sure that’s why Chromium has not developed them, not because they can’t, is because they don’t want to.

Brave/Chromium, has Private windows, Tor windows, Guest Profiles, which are all temporary windows, and they all support Ephemeral Storage, which means you can technically switch between storages.
But also, you have multiple profiles which make use of Persistent Storage, to hold different tabs and data, and they are not lost when you close the windows or tabs.

So… the ONLY advantage containers can have is the fact that you are using them in the same window, what else? what else are you wasting your time for?

Again, you either use what Brave has TODAY either on Stable or Nightly, or go and use another browser with the features that it has and you want.

I don’t know how complicated is to understand this.

Maybe i had to remember, I was responding because you were the one who were not able to even login to a website… but I am sure you know more than I do!
Also, you were complaining about something else like Containers, which I said, didn’t make sense to request because it had nothing to do with your problem, and Brave/Chromium already have 2000 million ways to log in to a page with multiple accounts better than Containers.
So don’t reply to me with ignorance and move on, be thankful people waste their free time to try to help you instead.

Anyway @Saoiray have fun in the community again! Now I remember how annoying humans are, especially in these communities. :+1:It’s not like I care too much anyway. Just wanted to say to you, take care, again and see you around.

You could have simply said: Google doesn’t want you to have control of your cookies because they make money tracking users, and because Brave is beholden to Google (v2 extension support is on death row) it will never ever happen.

Anyway, it looks like it’s time to lock this thread (and possibly just give up hope that the web will ever be an open standard ever again)

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