Continuous crashing on mac

Description of the issue:
Browser oft crashes. Very annoyed. Constant restore session.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I don’t know. I just use it.
It frigging crashed on me when I clicked about Brave. Had to restore session 4 times just to write this.

Expected result:
No crash.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.38.111 Chromium: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Additional Information:
Reinstalled, didn’t help.
Only YouTube nonstop installed, nothing else.

I am an user of Windows OS so I may not be able to help you properly, but searching about the issue took me to one of the old threads of Brave.
Looks like you are not the only one facing the crashes, but there are multiple other mac users. Read it, I hope it will at least help you understand the issue.

Unfortunately, not much help. I don’t see crashes logged, and the problem persists for months now. Does Brave have some kind of log itself?

This might be due to faulty videodriver.


These seems more accurate than the topic I shared.

Nothing seems to help. I get crashes more or less constantly. Chrome is stable, same with firefox, safari, waterfox and safari developer.

Is there any way to clean install Brave on Mac? Fully uninstall, but keep the wallet?

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