Brave periodically slows to a crawl (timeouts) on every page including settings

Description of the issue:
Brave periodically becomes very slow or times-out on every web page. If I open Chrome, the pages load instantly. When Brave is slow pages can take from 10 seconds to 300 seconds to load. Sometimes the page will give me a timeout warning, but other times it just hangs with progress spinner turning.

Even when opening Brave’s setting pages, it can take 10 to 60 seconds.

I noticed that Brave’s GPU process is running in the task manager even though I disabled hardware acceleration. I tired killing the process, but this cause Brave to crash.

I’ve disabled hardware acceleration.
I disabled all extensions.
I’ve cleared my cache.
I’ve updated to the most recent version several times when this has happened.
I’ve removed secure DNS.
I’ve tried various other suggestions from the forum. None of them worked.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Not sure what triggers it. Sometimes it seems to be cache related, but I’ve also had this issue after clearing the cache.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

No, I thought it might be one of my tabs, but they all look normal. I generally have about 20 tabs, and occasionally one might spike to 10% CPU for a few seconds. Most of my tabs are under 100MB. My Gmail (200MB) and Google Docs (150MB) tabs tend to be higher.

Even though I have hardware acceleration disabled, the GPU Process is always running and seems to be the most active task. The cpu is normally in the single digits but it can spike for a few seconds. It has the largest memory footprint of 850MB all the time.

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Brave will periodically freeze up without any significant CPU activity in Task Manager or Activity Monitor (mac). It will last for several minutes, and then everything will work again. Seems like Brave is running a background task that runs periodically and prevents any web traffic. Any ideas what this might be?

I’ve disabled Wallet and Rewards, but that had no effect.

Please vote: Which theory do you think makes the most sense for why Brave periodically seems to lose internet access?

  1. One of the websites in a tab is doing something that blocks all other tabs from accessing the internet?

  2. Brave Garbage Collection runs periodically and causes everything to freeze up?

  3. Brave cache fills up and it blocks all internet traffic while cleaning up?

did you try making a new profile? in most cases this fixes the problem.

@mm_la ,

See if there are Crash Reports among the DiagnosticReports on the Mac:

Ref.: “I've been trying for two years. Please.. someone get real - #5 by 289wk

Learn how to use Developer Tools:

Unable to log on to bank website - #3 by 289wk

Regularly clear the cache

When not using an extension, Disable it; and Restart the browser.

Use the Brave Browser > Task Manager to monitor the various Brave processes.

Thanks. Yes, I tried a different profile and it didn’t have any effect.

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Thanks. There are no crash reports. I’ve disabled all extensions in the paste and it didn’t have any affect.

I don’t see anything in Task Manager or Activity Monitor when Brave freezes. Brave generally only freezes 20 seconds to 3 minutes. Afterwards, everything fine again for a while.

On a previous version of Brave, I noticed clearing the cache would help get Brave out of a freeze. I’m not seeing that anymore.

@mm_la then try uninstalling and reinstalling brave.

That’s a pretty painful option. I was hoping to avoid that. Plus I don’t really think that will solve my issue since everything seems to be working fine except for periodic temporary freezing. I didn’t see any change after doing an update.

It seems to me that Brave is periodically doing something that blocks everything in Brave, I can’t even open settings.

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