Brave Browser Crashing M1 Constantly

I have an M1 Macbook Pro and every time I bring it back from sleep and connect it to my dock, the Brave Browser always locks the OS. For example, I can go to and try to play a song and the entire browser will stay unresponsive for about 1 minute and eventually respond again. However, if I try to take the same action, same thing.

I notice that when I try to open Safari and hit the same page when this is happening that Safari crashes as well (says web page crashed). So I am not sure if it’s Brave itself or maybe the browser engine or engine underneath that drives the browser. I am not sure how it’s built on the M1/Mac OS.

All I know is that Brave is the main app that will not respond in this situation and seems to kick off all the issues. I have to reboot the OS to get everything back to normal which is very unusual for Mac OS to have to reboot since it isolates the apps.

I love the Brave Browser and hope this can be resolved because it’s making my Mac unusable. I don’t want to move to another browser so I hope this can be fixed somehow.

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Ya same issue i am on Monterey and i am running tensorflow it is constantlly crashing when i right click and select a word. Also this triggers the crash but many times it crashes automatically.

Dont make me regret buying m1 🥲it was costly

I am considering returning mine at this point. The browser crashes constantly when trying to play music or use YouTube. I don’t think it’s specific to Brave as Safari and Opera crash as well. I know this is a known issue with Apple but where is the fix? This is killing me. I love the laptop but it’s getting unusable. I think I am going to contact Apple and ask when this is gonna be fixed. I think it’s related to the M1 processor or codecs.

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