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Even though one can hit it off with any creation, and therefore a service is irrelevant to whether it’s new or existing, I ask why Brave browser decides to support Tor. Besides that I know the answer, I ask of this, because Brave doesn’t do it for the shopper. Even though Brave does it, because of the one and only U.S. geeks’ insanity, a.k.a. what’s called ‘privacy’ (I don’t say this, because of my stance on privacy. With U.S. geeks, privacy goes over anything. When I say anything, I don’t exaggerate), there’s no reason that means for Brave to do it on behalf of gratification. Just like search.brave. Brave surfaces results from shoppers’ explicit feedback. Look, I’m not gonna sigh on this. Because I’m way past the point of still bothering myself with these kind of insignificant services. Not that Brave browser itself is insignificant. Its browser was created, at least partially, on behalf of gratification.
And its basis being for whatever percentage, but zero, on behalf of gratification, is why its browser is not insignificantly.

Did you use ChatGPT to create this text or Google Translator? :smiley:
I did not understand a single word.

What was exactly your question?

Firstly, did you randomly call out a piece of text for being created by ChatGPT?
Secondly, did I ask a question?
Thirdly, if you’re having trouble understanding the text’s context, then I advice you to, at least once, re-read. If, after re-reading, you still got zero clue, then it’ll be helpful, for providing help to your cluelessness, by telling me what about the text you are clueless. If you are clueless about the entire piece of text, then that means you basically want me to re-write the entire piece?

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You are an artist :slight_smile:

If this is about ChatGPT, then I gotta tell you, I write manually. (For the matter of writing, I ever continue writing a book. The current word count is 464k. So, it’s safe to say I don’t use automated software for my pieces of text.)

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