Thank you && 2 questions

Hi Brave team and community managers,

Thank you for the new utilisation of internet, thanks to rewards. I used Brave a long time ago and i happy to see that it evolve in a really good way. I specially appreciate the opportunity to individually reward for Youtube channels and not for all Youtube.
The new tab, and the pictures, are really beautiful. It was one of the reasons I fell for Brave in his beta version.

However, i had two question that stay in my minds. I’m a French speaker and i apologize for any mistranslations.

  1. One of the reason i go back to the fox’s browser was the Facebook container. It blocks the loading Facebook button on others website (like lot of other extensions) and it block Facebook to have a look on the rest of our navigation. It encapsulate Facebook like sandbox software. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the only extension that make this work.(*)
    Are your blocking Facebook connections and integrated adds working like that, with two sides protection and sandboxing or only with common extensions and only blocking socials networks buttons?
  2. It’s more a comment that a question. When i log in on a website, i misspell my mail. This saving is block into Brave and it’s not possible to delete it. Generally, i stay click on it and i press delete but it doesn’t work.(**)
    As a security learner, i have to test a lot of credentials and it will be very boring for my next works.

Thank you for reading me and i hope you don’t fall asleep.
Kiss to you and don’t forget to stay KISS :yum:.


P.S.: Your community forum is also nice. I like Markdown !!!

(*) I say write Facebook but it’s all Facebook applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and LinkedIn.
(**) I on Linux debian base distribution.

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