(Another topic on gratification)

Firstly, I create many topics, all on user’s gratification. I close none. I am not asking for an answer. I create topics to give feedback to the brave team.
Secondly, this is yet another topic that will make the brave fanboys puke. I care zero whatsoever about hating gratification.

Here’s google

  • Rank webpages by popularity (clicks)
  • Link search query context-based keyword metadata to webpage context-based url metadata & content metadata

Brave, google has tens of billions of monthly total hits, and billions of monthly users, because, no matter the query, google surfaces the closest possible result. This comes down to google answering any query. (Quality is irrelevant to gratification. Because value has zero to do with a need). Google outperforms.

Thanks for your feedback (?) — I’ll pass this on to the Search team. Have a great day.

It’s just feedback. It’s up to brave to do as they want. If they can’t say whether they want my feedback, then it seems to me they see gratification as insignificant.