Continual CAPTCHA check when using VPN

Not sure if this is fixable but feedback. Sometimes, when using VPN, which I do standard now Brave not once but at each search from URL box asks for CAPTA confirm, then proceeds. I expect it is to do with VPN use, differing IPs. Once would seem enough, not repeatedly on URL search… Obviously this is off-putting. I use NordVPN. Windows 10 Home vers 1803.
It does this in both normal and private windows. But also it doesn’t do it all the time. ? But once it starts it keeps doing it. ?

I don’t use NordVPN but can you detail steps how to replicate this? would it be applicable to other VPN/ or non-VPN users?

Thank you for reply. I have discovered just now it is not linked to Brave. It is linked to the use of “Startpage” Search engine, which I prefer to DDG. I changed browser and the same thing happened.
I need to feedback to the Search Engine site I reckon. Using Brave with VPN and DDG no problem.

Image from Startpage help site. Thank you for your assistance.