Why would you put a captcha on Brave search?

This is really annoying to the point I’m gonna have to ditch it for another search. Solving a captcha every time I do a search makes no sense, do bots use brave search? And yes it happens every time for me because I use a VPN. Sometimes it makes me do it twice and takes awhile to process too. Please get rid of this thing so I don’t have to go back to non-privacy focused searches like Duck Duck Go!

I use a VPN and I’ve never seen a captcha on Brave search.

It’s a drag the slider type, looks like this: https://a.pomf.cat/vfzpyu.png

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Of course they do!

Brave team is already aware about the issue showing too much captures.
They’re going to adjust it.


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Great thank you! I use ProtonVPN it seems maybe that one is triggering more compared to other VPNs.

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