Captcha before every page

So i have the problem of whenever i open a link or refresh theres a captcha and when i finish it it keeps coming back and ive tried a couple of settings no dice is this normal or something? Also in incognitio mode it doesnt do it so im confused

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Same here but not for every page, seems like only https ones.
I had to solve the captchas just one time per page, not two times or for each visit…

Win 10 Brave Browser, normal mode - NO vpn, extensions are VideoDownloader, Qwant For Chrome, REC and Weather.

Are you using Tor mode or is this with regular Brave windows?
If regular Brave windows - are you using a VPN or any extensions?

im late but uh yes extensions and vpns windscribe and a lot of extensions i shut them all down and it seems to work im trying to find which rn

It’s likely your VPN, especially if you’re using it via extension as it automatically gets disabled in incognito mode so that’s why the captcha disappeared.
Use instead of Google and you won’t get a captcha even with VPN.

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