Mobile (Android) wallet not syncing with desktop's

Description of the issue:
The mobile wallet is still not syncing with the desktop wallet. I say still because I actually posted to another similar thread, but Support hasn’t been seen there since April '20. After spending some time familiarising myself with this community, I decided to try opening a new post under Support here.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I’ve a verified Uphold account.
  2. Brave and Uphold are on both of my devices and they are synced.
  3. Syncing is problem free for me, except with the wallet.
  4. As can be seen in the pic below, I have a balance in my desktop wallet. I deposited this BAT amount thinking it would allow me to verify/ access settings on my mobile wallet. You can see in the second pic that this wasn’t the case, unfortunately.

Expected result:
I would like my wallets (Android and Desktop) synced. I use both devices equally. In April '20 this seemed to be something that was being worked on. Is it ongoing, or is there a solution I’m just overlooking?

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Both devices: Version 1.21.77 Chromium: 89.0.4389.90 (Desktop: Official Build 64-bit)

Mobile Device details
Android 8.0.0; AUM-L29 Build/HONORAUM-L29

Additional Information:
My desktop wallet:

My mobile wallet:

I appreciate your time, thank you!

It appears that you have not verified your wallet on Android. However, when you attempt to do so, you should see a message informing you that there is a 25BAT minimum balance (in Android wallet) to verify right now. Did you not see this message?

Either way, we are making some changes to that restriction in upcoming releases that will allow you to verify your android wallet even without the 25BAT minimum as long as you already have a verified Uphold account liked on desktop. More information on that when it becomes available.



Thank you for responding! Unfortunately, I’m not able to verify my wallet on mobile, I get the popup you mention.

In this screenshot of my mobile, you can see what happens when 1. I tap Verify Wallet, 2. Tap Settings, 3. Tap my BAT balance, and with 4. Uphold is mentioned at the bottom, but it is not a link.

When I select Brave Rewards from the browser settings there is only this:

I’ve searched and searched the Brave browser on my mobile, and even Uphold, but I do not see any way to verify the wallet. Even approaching it from Uphold’s end, there’s no way to deposit into the mobile wallet. I have a BAT balance on desktop, as shown in the previous post.

Are the wallets (Android’s and Desktop’s) treated as two separate accounts? Do they sync once the mobile wallet reaches 25 BATS?

I’m sorry if I’m missing the obvious, but I hope to find a solution with your help, thank you again.

I just came across a new thread, that seems as though it could be connected to my issue (though my Verify Wallet button has always been grey, never blue). I just thought I’d link to it in case we can all benefit from the same solution.

At this time, you will need the 25BAT to verify your Android wallet. If you had 25+ BAT, the message you shared in image one would no longer appear and instead you would be redirected to Uphold to login and link your wallet, which would then verify the wallet and you would see these balances “sync”.

Again, once the changes I mentioned above are implemented, you will then be able to tap Verify wallet and simply login to Uphold and verify, despite the BAT amount in your Android wallet.

Does this make sense?

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Yes, I understand. I must wait for the balance to hit the minimum, or when the changes are implemented - though I hope the changes are implemented long before the former happens :crossed_fingers:

I appreciate your time and patience, thank you.

EDIT to add additional information:

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No problem at all – thanks for your understanding. We hope to have more information on the aforementioned changes soon.

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