Connect phone to existing desktop uphold wallet

I have been using Brave on my desktop for quite a while with an Uphold wallet connected for Brave rewards. I since also downloaded Brave to my phone, but cannot find a way to connect my existing Uphold wallet to Brave on my phone. There is only a “verify wallet” option on my Android phone, which says I need 25 BAT before verifying, which is not what I am trying to do…

Uphold have replied saying that I need to have 25 Bat to connect a wallet, but where do I need to have this25 BAT, on my phone Brave or on my desktop?.. where I already have way more than 25 BAT.

Please advise how to connect my phone’s Brave wallet to my existing desktop one on UPHOLD.

in phone you have to earn 25 bat to connect any uphold account , otherwise you can’t connect uphold account to mobile

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Thank you… If only someone had thought to mention that when trying to connect, instead of having to write in to here, and wait for an answer, so as to find out!

It didn’t make it to email nor text.sorryabout that it won’t happen again,

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