Congrats on BAT breaking a $1

Congrats to 1 BAT being worth more than 1 USD, that’s quite a milestone, and congrats to anyone holding it. I think it is worth much more than that, and the work being done by brave is worth more than anyone yet realizes. I think a BAT is worth at least 20$, and I’m buying all the way to that price.


Yep fantastic achievement, although with the issues in properly paying users their due BAT rewards, 0 x $1 is still $0. :confused:


I think their working for it. Maybe in the next update, I hope it will be fix as soon as possible.

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iam new to brave and this bat thing, how does it work? and can you cash out for real money from the bat rewards? like i said iam new to this whole thing, to me it looks like you know how this whole thing works

ever since you post this, the bat has been dropping a little fast lol

@happynyc $1.034 is still more than $1, all cryptocurrencies has fluctuating value and bat is no exception, for example yesterday it was $0.7 something


iam new to this whole bat and brave thing, after i seen the post where that person said bat is over a $1, so at the time i have 34 bat and the usd was 36.23, and after i read some stuff on here i checked again n now my usd is 33.98, this thing is crazy to me lol

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Wish I had enough to take advantage of that value and move it to an Uphold account. At least my BAT is finally accumulating again. I can only hope that the exchange rate will be even higher by next month.

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Up to 1.30 now. BAT crushing it today. Highest gains out of all the cryptos by a lot, must have caught some eyes.

BAT is not just for sending people money, and I thought many of those issues were being worked out. It is a part of the advertising scheme they are developing too, as an alternative to existing ones such as google

I see BAT as buying stock in Brave, which is the best browser I’ve ever used in my opinion, and if they can implement the ad stuff and BAT as well as they built the browser, there’s no stopping this monster


I’d be very careful in making that claim. You certainly dont want to allude that BAT is a security now, would you… :wink:

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I’m sure we’ll be paying taxes on our proceeds from BAT regardless of what we call it, and that’s what matters most to those in charge

Taxes are a certainty. I was more concerned abt the crazies in the US SEC being on a warpath against anything that smells like a security in the crypto space (ie XRP-Ripple)

SEC, are you talking about the Security Exchange Company founded by Charles Ponzi, or a similarly corrupt criminal organization?

It doesn’t matter what you call BAT, if they don’t like it they will just shut it down. Law, “protecting the free market”, other justifications, is just the pretense for their actions. BAT, XRP, ect is definitely not a security by any reasonable measure… Esp BAT because it is a commodity used for payments and advertising. They hate crypto because it competes with their centralized control and challenges their ability to debase currencies to fund their debt and activities. If they can destroy it, they will. If they could stop BTC + ETH, they already would’ve, fortunately they are corrupt and incompetent, a recipe for impotence (although they got XRP)

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