Curious how the Brave community in general feels about the rewards system

On a scale 1 to 10, how would you rate your rewards experience with Brave ?

9 :+1:
it’s a bit disappointing how much the value of ads decreased but seeing how much the bat value has increased in the last months I guess that was expected.

a little comparison:

left 1 bat = 0.3175 USD right 1 bat = 0.7228 USD

update: today 16/04/21 bat value equals 1.12 USD :money_mouth_face:

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I have absolutely no interest in Brave Rewards system. I want a web browser that functions properly, does not leak information and where bugs get fixed. sigh.


After seeing how much you guys get per month, I can say i’m a little bit disappointed. I usually get like 1.2 ~ 1.8 BAT a month =/

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I have never received mine and can not get brave to help me at all.

apart from my android devices, my main pc browser faithfully paid out this month, same with creators just now, I give it a 4 out of 10 because there is still a lot of bugs that need to be addressed and payments are to slow, also I personally dislike uphold

I really appreciate the work that’s been put into it but it is a bit messy in terms of the payouts. I do think this leads to something of the future where people can pay creators with their attention, which is what they already get paid for typically just indirectly.

It was 10 before December for sure XD but now as we know the rewards have decreased soo much : ( but still hey these BAT tokens … get them and stake them for years and I bet its gonna be about 5$ atleast in few years. Rating for now its only 7 LOL

@guiblacksteel I got 3.49 in one wallet and 0.9 in the other… what you see in the screenshot is not the payment of a month


I give it a 1 because I haven’t been able to get my bat rewards at all. Never got them they are there but can’t get them and brave support is horrible they know people have this problem I have been trying to get help for months.

From the repeated questions posted on this community it is clear to me that for many users it is simply too complicated.

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HI @CaptainProton, genuinely sorry for your experience. The volume has been extremely high this past week and there’s just a couple of us here. Please see our DM, I’ve sorted out your wallet id issue.

Hi @fedup1 just seeing your post here as well, I believe that we resolved your issue earlier this week. If that’s not the case please let me know in our DM.

Thanks again.

Hi @steeven could you please look into my issue as well? I’ve been trying to contact you for almost a week now but the messages don’t seem to get through. I’ve still yet to receive the full amount of my March payment for creator account.

HI @Zguy, the payments team is currently investigating the issue with Contributions.


I have no interest in the reward system. I want a reliable and bug free browser.

This forum gets flooded daily with people complaining about issues with the reward system. Devs have apparently no time to address and fix real bugs because they are held back with reward issues.

Reward/BAT feature was revolutionary in the way that nobody had really tried this before. But it is a pain in the neck in reality and binds way too much resources.

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