Trouble Understanding Value of Bat To Me As End User

I seems to me from what I’ve read that the only people who gain any real value from BAT are Advertisers. This is assuming I understand how it works which I’m not confident I do.

I get BAT for looking at adds and I can buy BAT.

I can “donate” BAT advertisers and content providers.

But I cannot cash in BAT for whatever its monetary value supposedly is! However, at some point if I recall correctly I may be able to trade BAT for some kind of premium content or otherwise with approved advertisers but not for any type of physical goods or services.

The “value” therefore is actually a gimmick with not actual monetary value to me.

Is this the basic gist of it? Please do not be offended I freely admit I can have this all completely wrong. For some reason I’ve always had difficulty understanding any form of crypto currency and how I can use it to my benefit. The one thing I do understand is that if I owned Bitcoin I could use it the same way I use money with places that accept it.

If I am not mistaken you can transfer the bat to an account (like coinbase) sell it for BTC and then cash out. No?

Am I wrong Brave Gang?

Hi @T.Allyn @Joshua_Thompson_III,

As a users, you can:

  • Earn BAT by opt-in to Brave Ads

BAT you accumulated from Brave Ads can be used to support your favorite creators/publishers via Brave Rewards system.

Or you can withdraw it from the system by verifying your wallet via Brave’s partner, Uphold. And then from there you can exchange it to FIAT or other crypto currency.

In the future, users will be able to redeem their BAT for gift card, etc.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

First I want to thank everyone for the awesome replies. In this case I was told what I wanted to hear which of course always feels good. Thank you all so much again!

I will say that I find it interesting how Brave doesn’t just come out and clearly reveal this fact. I’m fairly confident its because they don’t want everyone doing it. I’m always the one who asks question people and organizations don’t want answered. LOL

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