Brave rewards gone now less

, had about BATs equivalent to 0.29USD, now its 0.08USD


Holy hell. What the f is going on? One new post after another and no official answer yet. Seems like they don’t care.

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Thank god, now its back, like refunded? something…

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hello…and I’m just another concerned user, not Brave Community support staff. but the USD value of BAT does change often, as it’s a token which does get traded, sold, purchased on the cryptocurrency exchanges. what you will want to pay attention to is your BAT balance, how much of the BAT [the Basic Utility Token] you have earned. the more you click on ads that are offered to you, the more BAT you will earn …at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I’ve been waiting since the first week of March for a reply to my own concerns. but the ‘response’ has only been the sound of crickets. not sure how much longer I’ll be keeping the Brave Browser on my computer.

i just mentioned USD, coz i didnt remember the point value of BAT.
But after i started this conversation, i went back, logged in to brave account, and viola, the lost BATs were back.

I’m the same my amount of Bat decreased after the new browser update.

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