Brave rewards amount reduced Day by Day

What the hell is happening with me, my brave rewards or bat coins are decreased day by day 10 days before I have 3.602 bat’s and 4.92 USD dollar but time by the time it reduced now this time bat’s are same 3.602 but USD is decreased 3.82 dollar what the hell is happening plz help me brave community what i do

Rewards are paid in BAT, which is a cryptocurrency. Like any currency, it can be converted to US dollars, and like any currency, how much one BAT is worth in US dollars varies. The USD value displayed is simply what your BAT are worth at the time that value was calculated. Exactly how many dollars you’ll get for your BATs depends on when, where, and how you sell them. Earlier in the year most cryptocurrencies increased in value as more people became aware of them and bought them. Now the value is coming down slightly, as the rush is falling off, so that USD value being displayed is falling. It may rise again for various other reasons


Are you checking toake sure they’re just not being gifted out with tips or whatever?

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yes already check all the properties and setting of the brave browser as well as auto contribution option is also disabled

yes i understand thanks for your comment i liked it

BAT is a crypto token ,its value may increase or decrease.


Nothing to worry about, I believe that fluctuation in the USD is due to the trading happening throughout the day. Also, worry only if the BAT number is decreasing. Everything is working fine with me. In addition, I faced a drop of straight $0.70 the day before yesterday but also witness the gain in USD amount of 0.40 approx.
So there will be ups and downs in the UDS number, but never in the BAT.
Thank You. Regards - Global Digitify


The value of BAT is heading to the floor.

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 16.02.10

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thank you so much for your feedback really appreciated

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