Confusion about brave rewards

Okay so I have read multiple forum posts about this and I thought i was having issues with ad rewards going to my uphold account…but i just read a post from a community moderator that said you cannot withdraw rewards gained from ads, you can only use them to give BAT to creators. I’d like to confirm this is still the case? cause when i spoke to upbit they said all my BAT would be automatically transferred to my BAT/Brave wallet in upbit on the first (yesterday) below are pics that i have noticed tend to be asked about

I was going to wait until the next payment date to see if everything just came in at once and not just on the first of november before i made a post but then I saw the community mod say that BAT earned from ads could only be used for tipping and could not actually be cashed out and i wanted to verify that…

bat can now be withdrawn

Hi and welcome

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ok thank you, ill wait for next payout date to see if it works

Brave Rewards on Android is still in development. So many features are still missing – compared to desktop version🙂

yea i tried out the android app a few months ago when i started with brave but it was far too barebones and i did not trust enough security had been put into it but soon i plan on trying again…for now im using a voip on my desktop for phone calls.