BAT Rewards automatically taken out

Hello, I had inquired about 2 months of rewards that have not been transferred to my Uphold account yet. I was told Android is in the process of getting a wallet setup in order to facilitate the transfer. Which is understandable. So I logged into my mobile Brave rewards browser to check my updated balance, and strangely enough I see that 20 BAT was auto contributed. I did not change anything or make any changes, so I am not sure why this occurred. I reached out to Uphold and they told me to reach out here. Please see attached screenshot and advise. Thanks, Scott Smith.


HI @scott40047 - thanks for reporting. Can you please DM me your Rewards Internals. OS and Brave version?

Hi Steeven,

I sent you a DM earlier. Let me know if that is what you needed. Thanks.

Please paste directly in the thread. Thanks!

OK I just put it in the original post.

Any updates on this?

Can you provide me with an update on the status? Also, as I am sure you are fully aware, this is not the first time that this has happened to folks. I don’t remember how it was fixed this last time, I just received a blanket email mentioning that Brave was aware and working on a resolution. And then the BAT rewards were automatically added to my Uphold account.

Wow you guys are super helpful!!!