Reward Withdrawal

I recently wanted to try and withdraw the BAT tokens I’ve accumulated from viewing ads since i started using Brave, however i cannot seem to figure out how to move the funds and was hoping to get some assistance. I have also set up an uphold account and verified it with my identification.

Have you ever withdrawed with this Uphold? it was limited 3 times

@Vegashi269 If you’re talking about the BAT from Pending Rewards, it would be automatically transferred to your Uphold wallet every 5th or 6th of the month.

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no, never. like i said, this is my first time attempting it

no, i already have a couple dozen BAT accumulated from a few months of using the browser but now i want to actually withdraw those BAT tokens on an exchange and sell them.

For the past 5 months my BAT Pending Rewards are not transferring to my Uphold Wallet (I never get get a notification to claim my ads earnings).

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