Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)

This is a short list of some of the most common Rewards issues we see and what they mean if you encounter them. This document is a work in progress and we will continue to update it with additional information.

Balance on Uphold does not match wallet balance (w/o verified wallet)

This issue is known and we are currently investigating the issue where the browser balance is not the same as the balance displayed in your Uphold account.

However, there is one case in which this may be expected. Please note that there is currently a lifetime 4 device connection limit to a single Uphold account. (Note: This is currently a lifetime limit, meaning that even if you have since disconnected or uninstalled a previous installation of Brave, this still counts toward your lifetime limit.)

Any verified wallet or connection to an Uphold account past 4 will not receive Brave Ads payouts, and existing BAT earnings will not be transferred over. In these cases, the BAT will remain in the browser only.

Uphold debit to @BravePublishers/BAT Auto-Contributed without consent

This is an issue that has occurred before and has since been resolved. If you have already updated to the latest Brave build and have still had your BAT debited/contributed without your consent, please send a DM to @mattches, @steeven-AWAY-AUG17 or @Aa-ron with the information in the General tab on your brave://rewards-internals page.

Please include “Auto-Contribute error” in the subject line, along with the amount of BAT that was debited from your account, as well as a screenshot of the transaction on your Uphold account (if applicable).

BAT not being transferred to Uphold account

Note that Rewards for viewing Brave Ads are paid out on a monthly basis - they are not paid out in real time (as ads appear). Users will be paid out for viewing ads on the 5th of every month. You can see your estimated earnings and how many ads you’ve seen for the month by going to Settings → Brave Rewards and observing the Ads section:

Balance decreases (or disappears) after wallet verification

This is likely due to the Duplicated BAT display bug. It should be resolved when you verify your wallet and is a purely cosmetic issue – no rightfully earned BAT is lost.

“Wallet Unreachable” error (w/verified wallet) OR “Uh oh! Rewards server not available” error

This could be due to a server outage or server error on the Rewards side. However, it can also be caused by a blocked connection to the Rewards server or an authentication [mix up] – try disconnecting, reconnecting verified wallet in Rewards panel. If you’re connected to a VPN when you see this, try disabling the VPN connection and test to see if you get different results.

Backup/Restore wallet did not restore full amount

As of v1.3, the backup/restore feature can only restore your estimated pending earnings, and not your current BAT balance. This is because your BAT balance is calculated locally and is no longer related to your recovery key. If you’d like to secure all of your funds in the case of clean installing the browser or switching to a new device, and have other benefits such as adding, withdrawing and transferring funds, we recommend verifying your wallet and connecting your wallet to an Uphold account.

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