Question about common-rewards-issues-work-in-progress

Hello admin on the last point in this section related to the recovery key not able to recover the claimed bats in this post Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)

and also after reading this one Regarding Rewards Support (PLEASE READ)

i understand that you working for something but just to make it clear

does that mean we will have a way to recover claimed bats by new way in case if we did not create uphold account or no way to recover that except creating the uphold

and since you working in that we would like to make it possible to link to any wallet we want without having uphold in between

for many reason
like country not supported
already had wallet some where else and happy with their service
bad experience about uphold

to make it short and clear will be a way for non uphold user to recover their bats yes or no
i do not mind to be after 2 weeks or month but i am asking about the options being there or not

thanks and have a nice day

While we are working on additional options and features for Rewards, the work currently being referenced in those posts is primarily to do with the way support retrieves information from users, how its processed and we can more efficiently turn users info into solutions to their problems.

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience as we work to grow the platform and provide as wide an array of options as possible for our users.

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thanks for you @Mattches

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