Reward Missing after reward bug

After the bug of brave reward my bat of estimated reward 28.1 is missing and my wallet created date is also got changed to july 28 which is not my actual wallet created date.My wallet was created in june so Kindly solve the issue and return bat into wallet
@steeven @sampson

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Look into this matter and solve the bug @steeven @Aa-ron @Mattches @brian @cory

I am presently assisting this user in a private DM.


We’re presently awaiting Android-logging to proceed with further investigation.

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After 2days no reply from your side

@sampson @steeven kindly solve the issue

hello @Nasheed

check those 2 new posts

hope that make it clear on what is going on

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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My issue is going on… @sampson is look into it

oh ok sorry for my miss understanding and hope it get fixed soon and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I spoke with @Nasheed via Twitter DM today, and they informed me that this issue has been resolved. Thanks to @mandar for the assistance!