I lost some of my estimated BAT rewards

Okay so after not getting more ads today, just now I noticed that I lost some of my estimated BAT rewards)FYI in the morning 8.200.
it was around 8.300 and it’s now 7.550.
how can I get my estimated BAT?

Again I lost some of my estimated BAT (maybe I’m just clicking ads and it’s a visual bug :roll_eyes:)

Didn’t get my BAT rewards so I will move on.
thank you

Hello aveon

the differenace in exchange rate cause bat is like any currency it’s value change by time check this https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/bat you will notice the change of the price

and for the drop of coins that could be related to the bug in this post 'Duplicated BAT' Display Bug

hope that help and have a nice day

But if i had 8.200 since yesterday how come that’s bug which happens after few days?

@steeven any help here?

@Mattches @Aa-ron @steeven-AWAY-AUG17 @eljuno any help about this again?

check those 2 new posts they working on the issue

have a nice day

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