Rewards Payout Issue

I’ve had Brave Browser for a few months and had ads enabled, but it took me some time to get set up with my Uphold account and get verified.

My first payout was last month in June, shown here: However, my cumulative BAT was not put into my Uphold account. Here is a screenshot of my rewards page showing the total BAT:

I figured I’d give it another month and see if it paid out the full amount, but this month’s payment didn’t include it, either:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I think I have the same issue. I have BAT and i have wait a month, now I have credit in my balance but none of this has been synced to my uphold account?

Yeah that’s exactly what my problem is :confused:

Still don’t have any fix on this

So… The thing is that your earnings are not being transfered to uphold by the end of the month?

If yes, is an known issue and they are already working on it.

yes exactly that’s what’s happening and good to know that it’s known issue. It did feel like the rewards thing wasn’t taken too seriously from brave I have to say as I also I had not reply when I asked…
Would be great if they could let us know when this issue is fixed