(Command) Mouse clicks are not always working correctly

Since a week my mouse clicks are not always working correctly:

  • Every now and then when I click on a tab to change to it, instead of changing, the tab gets highlighted: its background color changes from the dark color of a background tab, to a lighter background (I am on dark mode) that is halfway the background color of an active tab. If I then click other tabs they get highlighted as well. And if I close one of these tabs, they all are closed;
  • I use Command click on links to open them in a new background tab. Which has been working fine for a long time, both in Chrome and Brave. Now, quite often when I Command click a link, it will either open a new tab and immediately switch me to it, or it will replace the current tab contents with those of the new link;

I tried doing the things above in Chrome (latest version), and it doesn’t seem to happen there.

It looks like this problem started since I upgraded from Cataline to Big Sur one week ago, but I also updated Brave to the latest version in that week, so I cannot tell for sure if the upgrade is causing the problems.

Hello @bhermans

i do not have mac to check that but could you try to create new profile and see if it work fine or not

to create new profile go to menu then choose create a new profile

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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