Brave Will Not Open Tabs with Ctrl+Click

Brave 1.56.9 Chrome 115.0.5790.98

As of today, Brave and Chrome are both “reluctant” to open additional tabs when clicking on a link using Ctrl+left mouse button. For YouTube videos a new tab flashes then disappears. For other sites a new tab will open, but the page is blank and the tab title is “Untitled”. First opening a tab, then clicking a link works. Sometimes after working in the browser for a while, the behavior returns to normal. I’ve restarted the PC, but short of uninstalling the browser and reinstalling I can’t think of many causes. The fact that’s it’s both browsers lead me to suspect Chrome, but what?

Anyone with an idea?

Nothing has changed on the PC. Firefox continues to work fine as does Microsoft Edge.

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@hurricane51 check your settings. In the new update to 1.56.9 we now can add and edit shortcuts. Go to settingssystemshortcuts

I reset to default settings with no effect. I don’t see a shortcut for open in new window (or new tab).


@hurricane51 Hmm, you’re right. Sorry, I didn’t double check first and instead replied based quickly as it had been issue for others. I just tested on my Windows here and doing Ctrl+left click still is doing open in new tab. Seems to do it with no issues. I tested on this page, YouTube, and a few others.

Do you happen to use any extensions on both your Chrome and Brave? If there’s something you use on both, perhaps, they are somehow “broken” or interfering after the latest update? You can also test by opening in a private window or by creating a new browser profile for testing purposes.

I only have a few extensions and they have been installed for a long time and haven’t changed or been updated recently. The are both installed on Chrome and Brave. I’ll do a bit of testing with them later. Also, I didn’t mention that right-clicking on a link and choosing “Open link in a new tab” works fine.


I found the problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled both Chrome and Brave. I tested each extension as I added them back in. The bad boy was the Internet Download Manager (IDM) add-in. I did a complete uninstall of IDM and reconfigured it as before and now everything is working. Left unknown is why, but after so many years working with computers I don’t spend a lot of time with “why” unless it’s serious. Thanks for your help.

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