Clicking in the upper part of a tab doesn't work

Description of the issue:
I am having the same issue as here:

When I click in the tab, it is highlighted, but if I click in the upper part (just near to above limit of the screen), it takes to foreground any background app open in windows; doesn’t happen on edge nor chrome. I’m on latest 1.60.96 Brave.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Just have to open brower with several tabs and click on any of them in the upper part - doesn’t select but it acts as browser weren’t maximized and I were clicking in the background app.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 11, Brave 1.60.96
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I am having the same issue on mac with the most updated version. Large parts of the window (mostly at the upper half) cannot be interacted with whether through clicking or double clicking.

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@MVasco can you check if it does the same in Brave Release? 1.60.96 sounds like you might be using Beta. Release is only up to 1.59.120 and Nightly is on 1.61.39.

I’d also like to ask you to do the following if possible:

  • Does this happen in Private window?

  • Does it happen in new profile?

  • Can you record this happening and share video of it happening?

Installed latest non-beta release. Here everything works fine, so it’s related to beta.

In beta, in happens no matter if it’s a private window, or a new profile. I attach a little video; tried to show clicks but they were not recorded. Hope you can see it fine.

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Much appreciated, @MVasco. I’m going to tag in @Mattches and @steeven so they can look into it in a bit.

Facing this same issue.

I’ve asked some other team members as and we cannot reproduce this on any Brave build. It seems a bit obscure — is there anything different with the way you’re display(s) are set up? Additionally, it looks like you uploaded a video recording of the behavior before but its now deleted. Can you please reshare a recording of the behavior so I can see it in action?

Thank you

@Mattches circling back to this, I now recognize what is happening. It’s related to the conversation at The space at the top of the tabs after the new update on Brave Nightly is mad annoying

Basically on Nightly (and possibly Beta) where the tabs are larger, if you have your cursor at the very top of the screen and click, it won’t select the tab. So here on Release, clicking with cursor there would switch to the tab (talking as far up as you can go)

But on Nightly with the bigger tabs, if you click very top edge of the computer screen, it doesn’t select the tab when you click. Instead it’s clicking as if you’re hitting the border of the window or whatever is behind it.

Think you can replicate in what I explained, but video is below:

@Saoiray I see what you mean about clicking above the tab not selecting the tab… This is because, as you noted, you’re not selecting the tab itself you’re selecting the boarder of the browser window — which is why when double clicked it changes the size of the window as shown in your video.

However, I do not see what OP is sayin about selecting “behind” the tab/window:

With the exception of selecting something in the background as OP is seeing, the browser is functioning properly — on macOS, this behavior is exactly the same as there was always space above the tabs:

It may be more jarring for Windows users though. I’ll let the team know that this is a consideration they might want to work on.

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Well, it was not perfectly explained as english is not my mother language, but it’s as @Saoray sais; upper part of the tab doesn’t select the tab but clicks on what’s behind the window. I’m using a black theme so I didn’t see the border, but it’s not here on regular build, and in my opinion it’s not useful.

No answers? Does anybody know what I’m even talking about? If you have any questions to try and clarify, please fire them my way here. my way here.

@Wflower unfortunately, as people create tons of topics rather than looking for open, it can get lost. Just so you know:


I’m not sure how to use this forum. Looks like I may have put my comment in the wrong spot. I meant to put it under a post I myself created in recent weeks. Hopefully I can locate that post and put my comment under the right one.

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