Hover and Click Issues in Brave Browser - Seeking Assistance

Hover and click on the buttons are not working as expected in Brave Version 1.36.112 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 on my MacBook Pro. When I attempt to click any button, it does not register the click in the correct place. Clicking outside the button area works fine.

Furthermore, I am unable to click on any video slider unless the video is in full-screen mode.

To reproduce the issue:
Step 1: Open any website.
Step 2: Attempt to tap the center of any buttons, especially in the footer area of the website.
Step 3: The buttons will not click properly, and it becomes challenging to click, tap, or trigger hover effects.

I have tested the same websites on other browsers, and the issue does not occur elsewhere. This problem has persisted in Brave for the past year. I have also verified that it is not related to my mouse or mouse pad, as they are both in good condition and working correctly.

If a solution is not found, I may need to switch to another browser, even though I am a Brave fan. The previous post on this issue did not provide a helpful resolution (Hover and click on the buttons not working), prompting me to create this new post seeking assistance.

My Information:

Computer model:

  • MacBook PRO

Are you using a mouse?

  • Yes

Do you have another mouse that you can attach?

  • NO

What is the condition of your mouse pad?

  • Very New

What USB devices do you have attached?

  • NA

What Bluetooth devices do you have attached?

  • NA

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