Closing and switching between Profiles

I used to use profiles a lot in Firefox. I am now using Brave and there’s a difference which makes it a bit tricky.

If i have two profiles open, and i want to quit/close one (as clicking links seems to randomly choose between the two profiles), I can’t close one profile without either quitting the entire app (closing all profiles/windows), or closing all tabs in the one i want to close.

Neither option is ideal.

In Firefox I would quit the app, as each profile was seen by the OS as an app in its own right.

Any tips for making this easier in Brave? I’d like to be able to quit a profile without quitting all open profiles.

Already an option. You know how there’s the symbol that appears on the top right, which is your Profile? If you click on it, you’ll see where it shows profile name and the tabs. So like:

Photos 11_29_2022 01_55_44

When I clicked on Close 2 windows I assumed that perhaps it was going to close them all and next time I opened the profile, it would start off blank. However, it didn’t. When I opened the profile again the next time, it opened with all the windows & tabs I had open when I closed it.

Try giving it a shot. You may need to make sure settings at brave://settings/ are to Continue where you left off. My main profile doesn’t have it set and so it did start new. But the new profile defaulted with it, so it resumed.

In any case, telling it to close the windows within the Profile will only close whatever was open in the profile. All other windows remain open.

Thanks, but I don’t have the same options as you. I don’t have a “close windows” option at all. I am on Mac, assuming you’re on windows and it’s different?

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