How to close all brave windows

as a user i frequently have multiple brave windows open on my desktop.

Often i find that i simply need a reset and I want to close all my open windows and just start over with a fresh set and a clean slate.

Brave does not offer an option to “close all windows”. I have to open task manager and find each process and kill it. or find each windows and close it… this is not efficient or time effective, or convenient.

Please offer in brave a “close all windows” option similar to chrome. Perhaps with a brave icon in the system tray, offering a similar behavior to chrome’s “exit” option which will close all open windows.

Thank you, brave team, for all your hard work!

this is not a valid option.

If you don’t know what i’m talking about, please do not answer.

I do not expect all user to have a process explorer or process hacker like you suggest. I expect that all users have the standard windows process manager which makes this an impossible task.

I expect that a proper browser supports this.

I don’t expect snide responses to my feature request.

for the record, as a member of the brave community, this is not how we should address each other:

Of course, I am sure you don’t use a decent program like Process hacker or process explorer or anything that shows you better the tree.

talking down to a fellow community member such as this is not helpful. It is especially disheartening to see that someone was instantly ready to answer my feedback and talk down to me literally minutes after i created the ticket.

@daco, I agree.
@Emi — we do appreciate your help here on the forum. You are clearly very intelligent and have a lot of knowledge to share. That said, we would appreciate a less antagonistic tone when doing so as not everyone is on your level and nobody likes to be talked down to. Thank you.

When you right-click on the Brave icon with multiple Windows open, you should see the option Close all windows appear on the bottom:

Are you referring to closing multiple profiles at once?

@Mattches thanks. yes that’s precisely what i’m referring to. I definitely have the latest updates - i just relaunched last friday :slight_smile:

I currently have many windows open on my machine and I do not see this same option.

I wonder upon seeing your screenshot if this has to do with the fact that you have icon view and have enabled window stacking on your windows and i have disabled window stacking on my windows UI.

Yes — when I set the taskbar’s Combine taskbar buttons option to Never, I get the same behavior as you. Unfortunately I’m not sure there is a way around this at this time. I’ve reached out to the team to confirm.

if we have the option to view the brave process monitor in the system tray in the same way that we can with chrome, then we can access exit from there.


researching this more just now has lead me to your own responses over here:

can we perhaps make a feature request that a user without any active background app could enable the brave tray icon for the utility of managing the parent process?

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You mean like this?

Photos 8_23_2022 4_10_59 PM

I mean, it works.

Untitled - Paint 8_23_2022 4_10_31 PM

It shows for me on Windows 10 Pro, using current version of Brave, which is Version 1.42.97