Exit Specific Profile Session Without Closing All Profile Sessions

So with Chrome (as far as I remember) with the different profiles I can do an “Exit” so all windows close for that specific profile while keeping the other untouched however I noticed I cannot do that with Brave. I don’t want to experiment with closing each window for a specific profile only to relaunch it and only the last closed window remains causing me to lose any work, mainly research that doesn’t need to be bookmarked, to be lost.

Is this intended? Is there a setting or something to prevent this?

Hello @KCrawford,
Thanks for reaching out.

So, I tested this both on Brave and Chrome on Windows 10 and both have same behavior. Clicking Menu > Exit closing all windows and all profiles.

Not sure about macOS or Linux cc @Mattches

But at least on Windows, I can manually close the windows for specific profile via X close button (one by one). So that’ll not affect other profile/s.

Or via taskbar shortcut

:point_up: I believe this is the intended/expected behavior. You’ll have to close each profile individually or all at once.

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